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Transmission Media

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In this video, you learn about how  data signals travel through wired connecction and wirelessly.

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DateApr 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Identify which of the above mentioned communication media are Wired media and which ones are Wireless media. (INFORMATICS-PRACTICES-CBSE-12-2018)

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Consider a simple communication system where multiple nodes are connected by a shared broadcast medium (like Ethernet or wireless). The nodes in the system use the following carrier-sense based medium access protocol. A node that receives a packet to transmit will carrier-sense the medium for 5 units of time. If the node does not detect any other transmission in this duration, it starts transmitting its packet in the next time unit. If the node detects another transmission, it waits until this other transmission finishes, and then begins to carrier-sense for 5 time units again. Once they start to transmit, nodes do not perform any collision detection and continue transmission even if a collision occurs. All transmissions last for 20 units of time. Assume that the transmission signal travels at the speed of 10 meters per unit time in the medium.

micro bio Match the microorganisms to their predominant modes of transmission.

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Transmission Media