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Fractions decimes and

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This video describes about fractions decimals and percentages

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DateDec 13, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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Two Cu-Ni alloys, one with 47 wt.% Ni and the other with 53 wt.% Ni, are kept in separate crucibles and are allowed to equilibrate at the same temperature T1 between the liquidus and the solidus. The two alloys have: (-Gate metallurgical engineering

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Given two sets X = {1, 2, 3} and Y = {2, 3, 4}, we construct a set Z of all possible fractions where the numerators belong to set X and the denominators belong to set Y. The product of elements having minimum and maximum values in the set Z is ____.

For a given binary system at constant temperature and pressure, the molar volume (in m3 /mol) is given by:      30 20 15 7 x x x x x x A B A B A B   , where A x and B x are the mole fractions of components A and B, respectively. The volume change of mixing  mix (in m3 /mol) at A x = 0.5 is __________ (rounded off to one decimal place).

Write any two equivalent fractions for the following: 3/8 = ________________ _________________ 4/7 = ________________ __________________ ?- NCERT MATHS-Cbse- Class 5th- 2016

The binary phase diagram of metals P and Q is shown in the figure. An alloy X containing 60% P and 40% Q (by weight) is cooled from liquid to solid state. The fractions of solid and liquid (in weight percent) at 1250 °C, respectively, will be

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Fractions decimes and