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Axis and coordinate

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Understand the concepts of graph its axis and coordinate in at this video we are discussing that

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DateDec 13, 2018 12:00:00 AM

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What is meant by coordinate axis?

If α, β, and γ are the angles which the vector OP (O being the origin) makes with the positive direction of the coordinate axis, then which of the following are correct? 1. cos² α + cos² β = sin² γ 2. sin² α + sin² β = cos² γ 3. sin² α + sin² β + sin² γ = 2

The shadowgraph flow visualization technique depends on GATE-Aerospace Engineering-Question-2012

A long straight wire, having radius 𝑎 and resistance per unit length 𝑟, carries a current 𝐼. The magnitude and direction of the Poynting vector on the surface of the wire is

A line intersects the y-axis and x-axis at the points P and Q respectively. If (2, -5) is the midpoint of PQ, then find the coordinates of P and Q. Mathematics CBSE class 10 2015

Let the signal f t 0 outside the interval T ,T , where T and T 1 2 1 2 are finite. -GATE EC 2015

The equation of a straight line which cuts off an intercept of 5 units on the negative direction of the y-axis and makes an angle 120⁰ with the positive direction of the x-axis is

Find the ratio in which the segment joining the points (l, — 3) and (4, 5) is divided by x-axis ? Also find the coordinates of this point on x-axis.

A long wire with a small current element of length 1 cm is placed at the origin and carries a current of 10 A along the X-axis. Find out the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field dueto the elementon the Y-axis at a distance 0∙5 m from it.

An infinitely long thin cylindrical shell has its axis coinciding with the z-axis. It carries a surface charge density σ0cosφ, where φ is the polar angle and σ0 is a constant. The magnitude of the electric field inside the cylinder is:

A uniform circular disc of mass 𝑚 and radius 𝑅 is rotating with angular speed 𝜔 about an axis passing through its center and making an angle 𝜃=30∘ with the axis of the disc. If the kinetic energy of the disc is 𝛼𝑚𝜔2𝑅2, the value of 𝛼 is ________ (up to 2 decimal places).

What letter will you get by rotating W first by 180 degrees about the Y axis, then by 180 degrees about the X axis and then by 90 degrees about the Z axis?

The x-coordinate of a point P is twice its y-coordi nate. If P is equidistant from Q(2, –5) and R(–3, 6), find the coordinates of P. CBSE Mathematics

What is the equation of straight line passing through the point (4, 3) and making equal intercepts on the coordinate axes?

Which of the following plots describes the expected relationship between population size (y-axis) and generation time (x-axis) in vertebrates? Here, each data point represents a different vertebrate species and the generation time is defined as the average interval between two generations.

The Hamiltonian for a particle of mass m is H = p^2/2m + kqt where q and p are the generalized coordinate and momentum, respectively, t is time and k is a constant. For the initial condition, q = 0 and p = 0 at t = 0, q(t) ∝ t^α . The value of α is _____________

Consider the Hamiltonian H(q, p) = (αp^2q^4)/2 + β/q^2 , where α and β are parameters with appropriate dimensions, and q and p are the generalized coordinate and momentum, respectively. The corresponding Lagrangian L(q, q̇) is:

The equation of the ellipse whose center is at the origin, the major axis is along the x-axis with eccentricity 3/4 and latus rectum 4 units is

If x y, and z are directions in a Cartesian coordinate system and i , j and k are the respective unit vectors, the directional derivative of the function 2 u x y z x yz ( , , ) 3   at the point (2,0, 4)  in the direction i j k   2 6  is _____________ (rounded off to two decimal places).

During a rotation, vectors along the axis of rotation remain unchanged. For the rotation matrix, the unit vector along the axis of rotation is

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Axis and coordinate