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Waves ad optics -Physics

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This video is talking about waves and optics Physics

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DateJan 22, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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State the principle of superposition of waves. What happens when phase differences between two waves are (i) 0 and (ii)π? -Physics CBSE class 11 2016

Why are infra-red waves often called heat waves ? Explain (Physics CBSE 2018)

Distinctions between- ac oustic, ultrasonic, subsonic and supersonic waves?-engineering physics

Explain Matter waves and their Characterist ic properties. -engineering physics

What do you understand by the statement, ‘‘Electromagnetic waves transport momentum’’ ? (Physics CBSE 2018)

what are the method of creating shock waves in the laboratory using a shock tube?-engineering physics

C apillary waves are generated in the sea. The speed of propagation (C) of these waves is known to be a function of density (ρ), wave length (λ), and surface tension (σ). Assume, ρ and λ to be constant. If the surface tension is doubled, in the functional form of the relevant non-dimensional group, the percentage increase in propagation speed (C) is _______ .

A police car with a siren of frequency 8 kHz is moving with uniform velocity 36 km/hr towards a tall building which reflects the sound waves. The speed of sound in air is 320 m/s. The frequency of the siren heard by the car driver is - jee main 2012 physics

Which of the following is/are not communication media ? (i) Microwaves (ii) Optical Fiber cable (iii) Node (iv) Radio waves (INFORMATICS-PRACTICES-CBSE-12-2018)

“So when we see ‘Red”, what we are actually seeing is that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength of about 0.0007 millimeters, in a situation where the other wavelengths are absent. It is our brains (and our language) which inform us it is “red”, and at the same time they often attach cultural labels that tell us it is powerful, or that it is the colour of love, or that it is a traffic sign which means we have to stop”.(NID-2018)

A ssume a flat earth with crustal thickness of 35 km and average crustal and upper mantle P-wave velocities of 6.4 km.s–1 and 8.1 km.s–1, respectively. The minimum distance from the epicenter of a near surface earthquake at which Pn-waves are observed is _______ km.

G iven that the velocity of P-waves in a sandstone matrix is 5600 m/s and that in oil is 1200 m/s, the velocity of P-wave propagation in oil saturated sandstone with 30% porosity is ___________ m/s. (Use Wyllie time average equation.)

Which is the best physics book to study quantum physics?

Explain density of states (qualitative only) Fermi–Dirac Statistics-engineering physics?-engineering physics

Identify which of the above mentioned communication media are Wired media and which ones are Wireless media. (INFORMATICS-PRACTICES-CBSE-12-2018)

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Explain and give an expression for electrical conductivity based on quantum free electron theory?-engineering physics

What are the application of Schrodinger wave equation for a par ticle in a potential well of infinite depth ?-engineering physics

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Waves ad optics -Physics