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Eucleadian vector space -Physics

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This video is talking about Euclidean vector space -Physics

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DateJan 22, 2019 12:00:00 AM

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Let M2(R) be the vector space of all 2  2 real matrices over the field R: Define the linear transformation S : M2(R) ! M2(R) by S(X) = 2X + XT ; where XT denotes the transpose of the matrix X: Then the trace of S equals .

Let F be a field with 76 elements and let K be a subfield of F with 49 elements. Then the dimension of F as a vector space over K is .

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State Biot-Savart law and express this law in the vector form (Physics CBSE 2018)

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A spaceship is travelling with a velocity of 0.7c away from a space station. The spaceship ejects a probe with a velocity 0.59c opposite to its own velocity. A person in the space station would see the probe moving at a speed Xc, where the value of X is ________ (up to three decimal places)

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How free space is managed? Explain.?

What is the amount of work done by an electron moving with half the speed of light in empty space free of all forces and for from all matters? Physics Cbse class 11

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Eucleadian vector space -Physics