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John Nicholson, An Inspiring Officer of East India Company

John Nicholson, acyually inspired the cult and was a influencer from the East India Company.

Node.js deployment

Node.js is an open source and cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. NodeJS is not a framework and it’s not a programming language.Developers prefer to use Node.js because it is easily scale the application in both horizontal and vertical direction. We can also add extra resources during the scalability of application. It is an open source, a server-side script which runs on the top of Google’s open-source scripting engine V8. Node.js is fast, lightweight and efficient. It uses the asynchronous mode of operation, event-driven Input/Output rather than using the traditional threads or separate threads for each process. 

Wordpress-Make Buttons & Boxes without code

How to make a button and box in wordpress without knowing any code. This uses the plugin shortcode ultimate.

What is center of mass and how to find it out - Physics

This is a physics subject video In at this video, the author is describing what is the center of mass and how to find it out?

The Solar System & the Earth

The Solar System has always been an interesting subject. And curiosity to know it is never ending.