Eduladder is a community platform in which every day thousands of students and teachers and educational community comes together to learn and educate each other. Eduladder gives reputation based on the votes every contributor received for there contributions. Based on these reputations several access levels will be unlocked which helps us to keep the quality of our educational materials. Also, these community-generated materials are licensed under creative commons license allowing the freedom to remix and reuse our content. WIth attribution required close.

Here is a video attached showing how eduladder works. https://eduladder.com/edv/frontend/web/video/view?id=1/How-eduladder-works

A link showing access levels based on reputations.https://eduladder.com/howtouse.php

Over a couple of years, we have realized students needed video content as well. So we thought of building a platform which delivers video contents against the related questions on our website.

Notes for contributors

All the video you are uploading to this platform comes under the terms of creative commons license 3.0 with attribution required close (If your video comes under the terms of another license which should be pointed out on the description section of every video)

*Every contributors of the video will be get paid according to the views you are getting to your video (Other factors also will be taken into consideration, such as quality, Content relevancy, Amount of organic search the video received) Payment channel will be payable, Bank transfer or check

*Minimum payout will be $20

Copyright violations of video

We take copyright violations of our video content seriously if complaints are found with the videos community members are uploading which may trigger a suspension of the account as well as deletion of the video