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A hoop of radius r and mass m rotating with an angular velocity ω0 is placed on a rough horizontal surface. The initial velocity of the centre of the hoop is zero. What will be the velocity of the centre of the hoop when it ceases to slip ? - physics 2013000
The above p-v diagram represents the thermodynamic cycle of an engine, operating with an ideal monoatomic gas. The amount of heat, extracted from the source in a single cycle is : - physics 2013000
The supply voltage to a room is 120 V. The resistance of the lead wires is 6Ω. A 60 W bulb is already switched on. What is the decrease of voltage across the bulb, when a 240 W heater is switched on in parallel to the bulb ? - physics 2013000
A beam of unpolarised light of intensity I0 is passed through a polaroid A and then through another polaroid B which is oriented so that its principal plane makes an angle of 45° relative to that of A. The intensity of the emergent light is : - physics 2013000
A diode detector is used to detect an amplitude modulated wave of 60% modulation by using a condenser of capacity 250 pico farad in parallel with a load resistance 100 kilo ohm. Find the maximum modulated frequency which could be detected by it. - physics 2013000
What is the minimum energy required to launch a satellite of mass m from the surface of a planet of mass M and radius R in a circular orbit at an altitude of 2R ? - physics 2013000
Diameter of a plano - convex lens is 6 cm and thickness at the centre is 3 mm. If speed of light in material of lens is 2 × 108 m/s, the focal length of the lens is : - physics 2013000
A circular loop of radius 0.3 cm lies parallel to a much bigger circular loop of radius 20 cm. The centre of the small loop is on the axis of the bigger loop. The distance between their centres is 15 cm. If a current of 2.0 A flows through the smaller loop, then the flux linked with bigger loop is: -physics 2013000
A sonometer wire of length 1.5 m is made of steel. The tension in it produce an elastic strain of 1%. What is the fundamental frequency of steel if density and elasticity of steel are 7.7 × 103 kg / m3 and 2.2 × 1011 N/m2 respectively ? - physics 2013000
Two capacitors C1 and C2 are charged to 120 V and 200 V respectively. It is found that by connecting them together the potential on each one can be made zero. Then : - physics 2013000
The amplitude of a damped oscillator decreases to 0.9 times its original magnitude in 5s. In another 10s it will decrease to α times its original magnitude, where α equals : - physics 2013000
A Projectile is given an initial velocity of ˆ ˆ (i 2j) m/s, + where ˆ i is along the ground and ˆ j is along the vertical. If g = 10 m/s2 - physics 2013000
Let [ε0] denote the dimensional formula of the permittivity of vacuum. If M = mass, L = length, T = Time and A = electric current, then : - physics 2013000
This question has statement I and Statement II. Of the four choice given after the statements, choose the one that best describes the two statements. - physics 2013000
A metallic rod of length ‘A’ is tied to a string of length 2A and made to rotate with angular speed ω on a horizontal table with one end of the string fixed. If there is a vertical magnetic field ‘B’ in the region, the e.m.f. induced across the ends of the rod is : - physics 2013000
A uniform cylinder of length L and mass M having cross - sectional area A is suspended, with its length vertical, from a fixed point by a massless spring, such that it is half submerged in a liquid of density σ at equilibrium position. The extension x0 of the spring when it is in equilibrium is : - physics 2013000
A man X has 7 friends, 4 of them are ladies and 3 are men. His wife Y also has 7 friends, 3 of them are ladies and 4 are men. Assume X and Y have no common friends. Then the total number of ways in which X and Y together can throw a party inviting 3 ladies and 3 men, so that 3 friends of each of X and Y are in this party, is :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
The normal to the curve y(x – 2)(x – 3) = x + 6 at the point where the curve intersects the y-axis passes through the point :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
A hyperbola passes through the point P(2^(1/2),3^(1/2)) and has foci at (± 2, 0). Then the tangent to this hyperbola at P also passes through the point :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
Consider a disc rotating in the horizontal plane with a constant angular speed about its centre O. The disc has a shaded region on one side of the diameter and an unshaded region on the other side a shown in the figure. When the disc is in the orientation as shown, two pebbles P and Q are simultaneously projected at an angle towards R. The velocity of projection is in the y-z plane and is same for both pebbles with respect to the disc. Assume that (i) they land back on the disc before the disc has completed 1/8 rotation, (ii) their range is less than half the disc radius, and (iii) remains constant throughout. Then - jee main 2012 physics 001
Two moles of ideal helium gas are in a rubber balloon at 30ºC. The balloon is fully expandable and can be assumed to require no energy in its expansion. The temperature of the gas in the balloon is slowly changed to 35ºC. The amount of heat required in raising the temperature is nearly (take R = 8.31 J/mol.K) -jee main 2012 physics 001
In the given circuit, a charge of +80 C is given to the upper plate of the 4 F capacitor. Then in the steady state, the charge on the upper plate of the 3 F capacitor is - jee main 2012 physics 001
A thin uniform cylinder shell, closed at both ends is partially filled with water. It is floating vertically in water in half-submerged state. If c is the relative density of the material of the shell with respect to water, then the correct statement is that the shell is - jee main 2012 physics 001
An infinitely long hollow conducting cylinder with inner radius R/2 and outer radius R carries a uniform current density along its length. The magnitude of the magnetic field, | B | as a function of the radial distance r from the axis is best represented by - jee main 2012 physics 001
A loop carrying current I lies in the x-y plane as shown in the figure. The unit vector ˆ k is coming out of the plane of the paper. The magnetic moment of the current loop is - jee main 2012001
Two identical discs of same radius R are rotating about their axes in opposite directions with the same constant angular speed . The discs are in the same horizontal plane. At time t = 0, the points P and Q are facing each other as shown in the figure. The relative speed between the two points P and Q is vr . In one time period (T) of rotation of the discs, vr as a function of time is best represented by - jee main 2012001
A student is performing the experiment of Resonance Column. The diameter of the column tube is 4 cm. The frequency of the tuning fork is 512 Hz. The air temperature is 38ºC in which the speed of sound is 336 m/s. The zero of the meter scale coincides with the top end of the Resonance Column tube. When the first resonance occurs, the reading of the water level in the column is - jee main 2012003
A spherical metal A of radius RA and a solid metal sphere B of radius RB (< RA) are kept far apart and each is given charge ‘+Q’. Now they are connected by a thin metal wire. Then -jee main 2012 physics 001
An electron and a proton are moving on straight parallel paths with same velocity. They enter a semi-infinite region of uniform magnetic field perpendicular to be velocity. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true? - jee main 2012 physics 001
A ball of mass (m) 0.5 kg is attached to the end of a string having length (L) 0.5 m. The ball is rotated on a horizontal circular path about vertical axis. The maximum tension that the string can bear is 324 N. The maximum possible value of angular velocity of ball (in radian/s) is - jee main 2012 physics 001
The wavelength of the first spectral line in the Balmer series of hydrogen atom is 6561 Å. The wavelength of the second spectral line in the Balmer series of single-ionized helium atom is - jee main 2012 physics 001
Consider an electric field E = E0 * X, where E0 is a constant. The flux through the shaded area (as shown in the figure) due to this field is - jee main 2012 physics 001
5.6 liter of helium gas at STP is adiabatically compressed to 0.7 liter. Taking the initial temperature to be T1, the work done in the process is - jee main 2012 physics 001
A police car with a siren of frequency 8 kHz is moving with uniform velocity 36 km/hr towards a tall building which reflects the sound waves. The speed of sound in air is 320 m/s. The frequency of the siren heard by the car driver is - jee main 2012 physics 001
A 2 micro F capacitor is charged as shown in figure. The percentage of its stored energy dissipated after the switch S is turned to position 2 is jee main 2012 physics 001
A meter bridge is set-up as shown, to determine an unknown resistance ‘X’ using a standard 10 ohm resistor. The galvanometer shows null point when tapping-key is at 52 cm mark. The end-corrections are 1 cm and 2 cm respectively for the ends A and B. The determined value of ‘X’ is - jee main 2012 physics 001
For any three positive real numbers a,b and c 9(25a^2+b^2)+25(c^2-3ac)=15b(3a+c).Then-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
The area (in sq. units) of the region {(x, y} : x >= 0, x + y <= 3, x^2 <= 4y and y <= 1 + x } is :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
If S is the set of distinct values of b for which the following system of linear equations x + y + z = 1 x + ay + z = 1 ax + by + z = 0 has no solution, then S is :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017000
The following statement (p --> q ) --> [(~p --> q) --> q] is :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
The function f:R-->[-1/2,1/2] defined as f(x)=x/(1+x^2) is:-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017000
If, for a positive integer n, the quadratic equation, x(x + 1) + (x + 1) (x + 2) + .....+ (x + n-1 ) (x + n) = 10n has two consecutive integral solutions, then n is equal to :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
Let k be an integer such that triangle with vertices (k, –3k), (5, k) and (–k, 2) has area 28 sq. units. Then the orthocentre of this triangle is at the point :-JEE MAINS-Mathematics-2017001
How to apply for job in google company?100
Which are the websites where google doesnt show any information?100
when did the google server got crashed?100
Why did the google created aplace in the google map which is never existed?100
What is the mirror of google?100
Why did Mukesh Ambani had paid some his brothers debt?100
IS Reliance jio is running in loss or profit?100
Why do you think Jio is going to come up with jio coin ? 100
DO you think beacuse of the jio the telecom industry has been going down?000
HOw does the GST effect the economy of India?100
What is the importance of main method ,in java?100
What is the difference between c++ and java?100
What is meant by constructors ? how they can be used in java?100
What is meant by request Dispatcher?How the interface is used in java ?What are the methods?100
Why eduladder is different from other eduaction website ? Eduladder101
What will happen if you put return statement or System.exit () on try or catch block? Will finally block execute.100
1. While listening to the story, what did Alice see? 2. What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw?3. Where did the rabbit go? 4. How did Alice reach Wonderland? 5. What strange things did Alice see?-CBSE-English-Class 4-Unit 4001
1. What did Nasruddin boast about? 2. Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target? 3. Why did Nasruddin say, “It was my aim,” the third time? 4. Do you think Nasruddin was good at archery?-CBSE-English-Class 4001
1.What does the poem tell us to do? 2. Write about the places where the poet wants us to run.-CBSE-English-Class 4001
Out of 294 students who went on a trip, 4/7 were girls.How many were girls?-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
How much lace does Mr.Sam need to edge a mat?How much she needs for edging 3 mats. -CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
Find the missing length of the following figure whose perimeter is 80 cm.-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
A toy train has 164 seats. Find the number of seats in 7 such trains.-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
Express as 24- hours clock time-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
Fill in the blanks -CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4001
Now make sentences of your own using the matching words.- CBSE Class 3 english - CBSE Class 3 english001
Describe an interesting train or bus journey you have taken, or would like to take. Write four sentences about your journey. You can use some of the following words or phrases. Many people, crowded tea stalls, stations/bus station, river, window, big and small trees, seat, hills, ticket, loud whistle - CBSE Class 3 english - CBSE Class 3 english001
If you had to travel over a long distance, how would you like to go and why? - CBSE Class 3 english001
There are 26 rooms in a school. Each room has 4 plant. If each plant needs 2 cups of water, how much water do we need for all the plants? - class 5 math 000
Satish’s is a 13 year-old boy. His father had taken loan for farming. But the crops failed. Now Satish’s mother has to pay Rs. 5000 every month for the loan. Satish started working- he looked after 17 boats of the village. He earns rupee 1 everyday for one goat. - class 5 math 001
Tulsi and her husband work on Karunya’s farm. The Government has said that farm workers should be paid at least Rs 71 for one day’s work. But he pays Rs. 55 to Tulsi and Rs. 58 to her husband. - class 5 math 001
If Soha’s heart beats 72 times in one minute, how many times does it beat in one hour. - class 5 math 001
Rani, Geetha and Naseema live near each other. The distance from their houses to the road is 90 feet. They decided to tile the path to the road. They all bought tiles of different designs and length. Rani bought the shortest tile, Geetha bought the middle sized one and Naseema bought the longest one. If they could tile the path without cutting any of the tiles, what is the size of the tiles each has bought? Suggest 3 different solutions. Explain how you get this answer. - class 5 math 001
Manoj has made a new house. He wants to lay tiles on the floor. The size of the room is 9 feet 12 feet. In the market, there are three kinds of square tiles: 1 foot × 1 foot, 2 feet 2 feet and 3 feet 3 feet. Which size of tile should he buy for his room, so that he can lay it without cutting? - class 5 math 001
Look at the green boxes in the chart. These show how we can get 12 by multiplying different numbers. 12 = 4 × 3, so 12 is a multiple of both 4 and 3. 12 is also a multiple of 6 and 2, as well as 12 and 1. We say 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 are factors of 12. - class 5 math 001
Tamarind seeds Sunita took some tamarind (imli) seeds. She made groups of five with them, and found that one seed was left over. She tried making groups of six and groups of four. Each time one seed was left over. What is the smallest number of seeds that Sunita had? - class 5 math 001
To play this game, everyone stands in a circle. One player calls out ‘one’. The next player says ‘two’ and so on. A player who has to call out 3 or a number which can be divided by 3 has to say ‘Meow’ instead of the number. One who forgets to say ‘Meow’ is out of the game. The last player left is the winner. - class 5 math 001
If the cat starts from the 5th step and jumps five steps at a time and the mouse starts from the 8th step and jumps four steps at a time, can the mouse get away? - class 5 math 001
The hungry cat is trying to catch Kunjan the mouse. Kunjan is now on the 14th step and it can jump 2 steps at a time. The cat is on the third step. She can jump 3 steps at a time. If the mouse reaches 28 it can hide in the hole. Find out whether the mouse can get away safely! - class 5 math 001
So Anar also tried many different ways to make a boundary for 800 square metres of land. -class 5 math 001
The king was very happy with carpenters Chaggu and Anar. They had made a very big and beautiful bed for him. So as gifts the king wanted to give some land to Chaggu, and some gold to Anar. Chaggu was happy. He took 100 metres of wire and tried to make different rectangles. He made a 10m 40m rectangle. Its area was 400 square metres. So he next made a 30m 20 m rectangle. - class 5 math 001
Nasreena is a farmer who want to divide her land equally among her three children, Chumki, Jhumri and Imran. She wants to divide the land so that each piece of land has one tree. Her land looks like this. - class 5 math 001
What will you do get the longer belt next time? - class 5 math 001
Is the area of your belt as the same as the area of the postcard? Why or why not? - class 5 math 001
Why did some of your friends get longer belt than others? - class 5 math 001
Take a thick paper sheet of length 14 cm and width 9 cm. You can also use an old postcard. (a) What is its area? What is its perimeter? (b) Now cut strips of equal sizes out of it. (c) How long it your belt? (d) What is its Perimeter? (e) Whose belt is the longest in the class? - class 5 math 001
How many tiles like the triangle given here will fit in the white design? -class 5 math 001
A square carom board has a perimeter of 320 cm. How much is its area? - class 5 math 001
A thin wire 20 centimetres long is formed into a rectangle. If the width of this rectangle is 4 centimetres, what is its length? - class 5 math 001
(b) The fencing of a square garden is 20 m in length. How long is one side of the garden? - class 5 math 001
(a) Arbaz plans to tile his kitchen floor with green square tiles. Each side of the tile is 10 cm. His kitchen is 220 cm in length and 180 cm wide. How many tiles will he need? - class 5 math 001
1)Who was Kalu? 2)Who was Appu? 3)Where was Kalu’s shop? 4)What trick did Kalu play on Appu? 5)How did Kalu’s clothes become wet?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 10001
1)Where does the Flying-man go? 2)What does the child want to do?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 10001
1)What did Anandi see outside her window? 2)Was she happy to see the rainbow? 3)What are the colours of the rainbow?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 001
1)What is the colour of the sky? 2)What do the clouds bring?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 9001
1)What was the tiger doing when the mosquito came buzzing by? 2) Why did the tiger’s cheek start to bleed? 3)Why did the tiger walk away? 4)What do we learn from this story?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 001
1)How does a turtle walk? 2)What does the turtle carry on its back? 3)Where does the turtle go when it is tired?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 8001
1)Who made Sundari? 2)Why did Bobby call his kite ‘Sundari’? 3)Did Sundari fly very high at first? 4)What made Sundari really happy?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 7001
1)What does the child wish to be? 2)What does the child wish to do with the breeze?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 7000
1)What does the child wish to be? 2)What does the child wish to do with the breeze?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 7001
How can you help such a child and make the child feel one of you? CBSE class 3 English001
Would you help a child who cant walk to school? CBSE class 3 English001
What are the difficulties that a child who can’t see will face? CBSE class 3 English001
Why do you think Meena was carrying her brother? CBSE class 3 English001
What did the man say to Meena? CBSE class 3 English001
Where were the people going? CBSE class 3 English001
Name the King of the Forest CBSE class 3 English002
Name the Ship of the Desert CBSE class 3 English001
What does the camel eat in the desert? CBSE class 3 English001
1)Where does the little bird see the fruit? 2)What does she do? 3)What happens when she eats the berry?-CBSE-English-Class 1001
Fill in the blanks. If I were a bird, I would____________. (fly, cry) If I were a bee, I would_____________. (buzz, chirp)-CBSE-English-Class 1001
1)Where is the apple? 2) Where is the boy? 3)How can the boy get the apple?-CBSE-English-Class 1-Unit 6001
Solve the following based on the following diagram:-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 1001
Find the missing numbers-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 1001
Arrange the following numbers in ascending order. 1) 29, 10, 36, 9, 19, 21 2) 47, 24, 3, 17, 39, 12 .Also,write the number name for a)14 b)40 c)32 d)28 -CBSE-Mathematics-Class 1001
which is the correct answer?-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 1001
For how many weeks can a Camel store food in its jump? CBSE class 3 English 001
Why is the Camel called the ship of the desert? CBSE class 3 English 001
What is the vegetable man selling? CBSE class 3 English001
Why is the road annoyed with the crow? CBSE class 3 English001
What sounds do you hear on the road in the morning? CBSE class 3 English001
Why did the butterfly go to the flowers in the garden? CBSE class 3 English 001
If you were a butterfly, how would you feel if you were caught? CBSE class 3 English 001
Why did Sonu let the butterfly go? CBSE class 3 English 001
Why did Sonu chase the butterfly? CBSE class 3 English 001
Name three places where the butterfly rested. CBSE class 3 English001
Where did Sonu first see the yellow butterfly? CBSE class 3 English 001
Imagine you are a little fish. Describe what you might see around you. CBSE class 3 English001
Why was the fish thankful to be a little fish? CBSE class 3 English 001
What happened to the fish one day? CBSE class 3 English 001
Why was the little fish unhappy? CBSE class 3 English 001
How many fish are there in the sea? CBSE class 3 English 001
Who ate the enormous turnip? CBSE class 3 English001
Who helped him to pull up the enormous turnip? CBSE class 3 English 001
Why was it difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip? CBSE class 3 English 001
What did the old man plant? CBSE class 3 English 001
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