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How do you use mixins in CLI?000
How to use a plugin?000
How to create a plugin?000
What are plugins and their various services?000
Is it possible to pass parameters for filters?000
How do you chain filters?000
What are the different ways to create filters?000
What are the problems solved by Single File Components?000
Is Single File Components violating separation of concerns?000
What are single file components?000
What are nested routes?000
What is route matching priority?000
How to make router param changes as reactive?000
What is dynamic route matching?000
What are the steps to use vue router and give an example?000
What is vue router and their features?000
What are the possible ways to provide transitions?000
How do you customize model directive for a component?000
Describe about validations available for props?000
What are non prop attributes?000
What is the data flow followed by props?000
What are possible prop types?000
What is the difference between local and global registration in module system?000
Why do you need local registration?000
What is global registration in components?000
What are slots?000
How do you implement model on custom input components?000
How do you communicate from child to parent using events?000
When component needs a single root element?000
What are props?000
What are components and give an example?000
What are the supported modifiers on model?000
How do you implement two-way binding?000
What are the supported Mouse Button Modifiers?000
What are the supported System Modifier Keys?000
How do you define custom key modifier aliases?000
What are key modifiers?000
What are the event modifiers provided by vue?000
How do you use event handlers?000
How do you use for directive on template?000
How do you use for directive with a range?000
What are the caveats of object changes detection?000
What are the caveats of array changes detection?000
What are the array detection non mutation methods?000
What are the array detection mutation methods?000
How do you reuse elements with key attribute?000
How do you achieve conditional group of elements?000
What is the purpose of v-for directive?000
What are the conditional directives000
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