What does legislature do CBSE class 8 civics

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What does legislature do? - CBSE class 8 civics

What does legislature do?


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  The legislative branch of Indian government is called the Indian Parliament.  Much like the legislature in other large democracies, including the United States, it consists of a two-house assembly:  the Lok Sabha (House of the People), which is known as the lower house; and the Rajya Sabha (Council of States), known as the upper house.  Parliament’s primary function is to enact laws on those matters in which the constitution specifies to be within its jurisdiction.  Among the many powers granted to the Indian Parliament by its Constitution are the abilities to approve and remove members of the Council of Ministers, amend the constitution when necessary, approve central government finances and delimit state and union territory boundaries.

   India’s head of state, or president, has specific authority with regard to the function of the legislative branch.  According to the Indian Constitution, the president has the power to convene Parliament when he sees fit and must give his approval to all parliamentary bills before they are enacted into law. The president is authorized to summon the Parliament to meet, to address either house or both houses together, and to require the attendance of all of its members.  The president of the country also may send messages to either houses regarding a pending bill or any other matter, and the president addresses the first session of Parliament each year and must give final approval to all provisions in bills that are passed.



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