Why Does a Country Need a Constitution CBSE class 8 civics
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Why Does a Country Need a Constitution? - CBSE class 8 civics

Why Does a Country Need a Constitution?


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A country needs a constitution because of the following reasons:
  • A country is generally inhabited by people belonging to various religious and social backgrounds. It is difficult for all the people to agree on all issues. Under such circumstances, the Constitution serves as a set of laws and rules to which people in the country can agree upon.
  • The Constitution lays down important guidelines on how the country has to be governed.
  • The Constitution also lays down certain provisions which safeguard the people and the country against the misuse of powers by any political leader.
  • The Constitution guarantees and safeguards basic rights and freedoms of the citizens.
  • It also ensures that the majority community does not misuse its power against the minority communities.
  • The Constitution helps to protect us against certain decisions which may go against the larger interests of society.


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