Write a short note on FIR CBSE class 8 civics

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Write a short note on FIR. - CBSE class 8 civics

Write a short note on FIR.


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The full form of FIR is First Information Report:
i. It is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognisable offence.
ii. It can be filed either verbally or in a written manner.
iii. It can be filed by the victim, witness or anybody who has knowledge of the crime.
iv. It can be filed with a police officer at the police station.
v. It is compulsory for an officer in charge of a police station to register an FIR whenever a person gives information about a cognisable offence.
vi. It mentions the date, time and the place of offence, including the description of the events.
vii. If the identity of the accused persons and witnesses is known, then that too is mentioned.
viii. It declares the name and address of the complainant.
ix. It has a specific form in which the police register an FIR, and it is signed by the complainant.
x. The complainant has a legal right to get a free copy of the FIR from the police. Only after an FIR is filed, do the police start with their investigations.


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