Find out some examples of different views within the same religion CBSE class 8 civics
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Find out some examples of different views within the same religion. - CBSE class 8 civics

Find out some examples of different views within the same religion. 


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There are three main schools of thought in Buddhism:
1. Theravada
2. Mahayana
3. Varjayana
Let us understand each of these individually.
Theravada: In the Theravada school of thought, the Theravadians believe in self-enlightenment where they perfected themselves with morality, meditation and insight in order to gain enlightenment themselves.
When the perfectly enlightened Lord Buddha attained the stage of enlightenment, he questioned himself as to whether his fellow humans could understand his teaching or the Way of Life to get out of the suffering state of mind. He was coaxed by his followers that although not all humans can understand his teachings, there were a very few who could. Lord Buddha thus proceeded to teach these very few to attain enlightenment by themselves. This was the birth of Therava Buddhism.
Mahayanas: This school of thought believed that in their course of enlightenment, they would help others to the stage of enlightenment as well.
To attain Wisdom, you need to meditate in order to realise the true nature of things; to meditate, you need a pure state of mind, and to uphold this pure state constantly, you need to conduct yourselves morally. Therefore, morality was an important stepping stone to wisdom. Later, where morality became more focused, great compassion was generated, and the wish to help others along as one seeks enlightenment became part of Buddhism. The birth of Mahayana was born.
Varjayana: This school of thought believed that not only to bring others to enlightenment but also to have the power to do that.
The birth of Varjayana was largely due to the empowerment of the energies in the process of concentration, where you are empowered not only by the natural elements but also the linage with supreme beings.
It must be noted that Lord Buddha taught not only humans but beings of formless realms, including gods and deities.


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