Fill in the blanks cbse class8 physics 2015
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Fill in the blanks. cbse-class8-physics-2015

(a) Most liquids that conduct electricity are solutions of ________, _______ and ________.

(b) The passage of an electric current through a solution causes _________ effects.

(c) If you pass current through copper sulphate solution, copper gets deposited on the plate connected to the __________ terminal of the battery.

(d) The process of depositing a layer of any desired metal on another material by means of electricity is called _________


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(a) acids, bases and salts.

Concept insight: Solutions of acid, bases and salts conduct electricity because they produce ions when dissolved in water.

 (b) chemical

Concept insight: When an electric current passes through a solution, the solution decomposes into its positive and negative ions. This process of decomposition of the solution is a chemical effect of electricity.

(c) negative

Concept insight: When an electric current passes through a copper sulphate solution, the solution decomposes into positively charged copper ions and negatively charged sulphate ions. These positively charged copper ions get attracted towards the plate which is connected to the negative terminal of a battery.

(d) electroplating

Concept insight: By electroplating corrosion of metal objects can be prevented.


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