Why does a democratic country need a Constitution CBSE class 8 civics
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Why does a democratic country need a Constitution? -CBSE class 8 civics

Why does a democratic country need a Constitution?


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A Constitution is needed for a democratic country because the basic principle of a democracy is to allow freedom to its people. However, because people would like to follow things according to their freedom, there is a need for making rules. Rules are essential for efficient and proper governance of a country. The Constitution is an important document containing a body of principles or rules according to which a state or an organisation is governed. It is the written law of the land. It is on the basis of provisions in the Constitution that governance in the country is carried out. A democratic country needs a Constitution because • It gives valuable information about the composition of the government regarding its structure, organs, duties and responsibilities. • It regulates the relationship between the various organs as well as between citizens and the government. • It lays out certain ideals that form the basis of the kind of country that the citizens aspire to and the fundamental nature of our society. • It has a system of checks and balances which prevents the misuse of power vested in the government. • It also defines the country’s political system. • It guarantees several fundamental rights to citizens in order to protect them for any injustice faced by them. • It also saves us from ourselves, i.e. if we ever think of taking any steps that might harm us or go against us in the long run, it helps guard us. • It protects the rights of the minorities from the suppression faced by the majority.

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