State any three effects of First World War on the Russian economy socialstudies cbse class 9

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State any three effects of First World War on the Russian economy. socialstudies-cbse-class-9

State any three effects of First World War on the Russian economy.


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The impact of the First World War on Russia was immense. In the early stages of the war the Russian army suffered huge losses at Tannenburg and at the Battle of the Masurian Lakes. These losses resulted in unrest in the army and led to questions being asked about the way in which the military was run. As a result of ongoing military blunders, Tsar Nicholas II decided to take charge of the army himself. Whilst his presence at the frontlines may have acted as a boost to troops in the short term, it created a huge problem in the medium term. Firstly, as commander in chief of the army he would have to shoulder the blame for any defeats himself. Secondly, as head of an autocratic state he was required to make governmental decisions. How could be do this when government was in St Petersburg, and he was several days journey away at the front? In his absence many rumours about the Tsarina and the Holy man Rasputin spread. The Tsarina was a German princess and she was an easy target for those who were disgruntled. Rasputin was a strange figure. He was a Holy Man who had become very close to the Imperial family. He had a calming influence over the Tsarina and was widely believed to have mystical powers that would help the ill Tsarevich in his fight against illness. With the Tsar away though, Rasputin's excesses became a major focus of attention and his influence on the Imperial Family was viewed with suspicion by many. In 1916, supporters of the Tsar murdered Rasputin.

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