Answer the following CBSE english 2016

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Answer the following :CBSE-english-2016

As the wedding guest, make a diary entry of your observations about the ancient mariner.


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Dear Diary,
Today, I had an unusual experience. While my two friends and I were on our way to attend my cousin’s wedding reception, a rather strange looking man intercepted us. Despite our protests, he insisted on narrating to us his tale of resentment. He looked unnaturally old with skinny tanned limbs and glittering eyes and the tale he narrated to us seemed too surreal to be true. He said he used to be a mariner who shot an innocent albatross who was guiding their ship out of the perilous ice. This ungrateful act enraged a powerful spirit who used to love the albatross. His actions resulted in the death of his crewmates. He feels a great deal of agony which is relieved only when he narrates the tale to somebody. After my encounter with him, I have learnt a valuable lesson: Never hurt the hand which helps you.


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