Writing CBSE english 2016

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Writing: CBSE-english-2016

Develop the following into a readable story in 120–150 words. 5
It was dark when we got down from the train. The place was totally strange to us. Gopi who
had promised to be at the station was nowhere in sight


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Tony and I stepped outside dragging our heavy luggage. Gopi had described the place as welcoming and bright, but this place was eerie looking. Out of the darkness appeared an old man with a leathery skin. He said, “I can help you with your luggage; you can pay me as much as you please.” We allowed the man to haul our luggage outside the station. With careful steps, we kept following his tracks. The hooting of the owl made us stop in our tracks. Suddenly, the man vanished into thin air. We looked in all directions and then a low voice whispered in my ears “Turn around.” When I did, I felt a pair of big hands strangling me. I yelled in fear and I suddenly woke up in a car. Gopi who was astonished said, “You look as if you saw a ghost!”


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