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Answer the following : CBSE-english-2016

Mark Antony, with the help of his oratory, succeeded in winning the mob over to his side.
This led to the downfall of the conspirators. Write in 80–100 words, how with the power
of words he could effect a change in his listeners.


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Anthony uses the power of his speech effectively to highlight the wrong done to their king and opens the eyes of the Romans. He engages the audience with his foresighted oration while talking about Caesar and makes them question their allegations against him. Instead of inciting them, he goes on to say that Brutus and Cassius are no doubt noblemen, but Caesar has been wronged. He doesn't accuse anyone in particular but ensures that he tells the people that Caesar had refused the crown thrice. He also reads Caesar's will, which proves that the people have indeed misunderstood him and have let Rome suffer a great loss.


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