Write a story in 150 200 words based on the input given below CBSE english 2016

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Write a story in 150-200 words based on the input given below : CBSE-english-2016

He opened the factory door - peeped inside - some light - last shift over - could be thieves


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A story based on the given input
Shantaram peeped inside the factory door. There was some time before the first early morning shift began, but he could hear voices from inside.
What if there are thieves inside, he thought. He called the factory security cabin but no one answered the phone. Seeing the time of the day, it was not a surprise that the watchman must have dozed off.
While he thought hard as to what he could do, he heard the machines being switched on.
Suddenly feeling courageous, he grabbed a bamboo stick lying outside and flung open the factory door deciding to confront the thieves himself. Very cautiously he moved in the direction of the noise.
As he realised closer to the thieves trying to steal the machine, he charged himself with the bamboo stick raised in self defense.
“What is it, Shantaram?” a familiar voice asked.
It was Ramdin, a fellow worker. Shantaram looked around. There were Nasir and Ramdayal too, the other factory workers.
“What are you all doing here?” asked he, the bamboo still raised in the air.
“We were asked to work the night to complete an urgent order.” Nasir replied.
Seeing them work he dropped the bamboo, slipping to the floor, almost fainting in relief. He wisely made an excuse and left the factory at once saving himself from ridicule at the right moment


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