Cholera toxin increases cAMP levels by Gate Biotechnology 2014 question paper

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Cholera toxin increases cAMP levels by: (-Gate Biotechnology 2014 question paper)

(A) modifying Gi protein 
(B) modifying Gs protein 
(C) binding to adenylate cyclase 
(D) activating cAMP phosphodiesterase


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Modifying Gs protein 

Disruption of G Protein signaling causes several human diseases. Vibrio cholerae (causes cholera) secretes the cholera toxin which alters salt and fluid in the intestine normally controlled by hormones that activate Gs G-Protein to increase cAMP and oversecretion of chloride ions and water into the gut. The cholera toxin enzymatically changes Gs so that it is unable to convert GTP to GDP. Gs can not then be inactivated and cAMP levels remain high causing intestinal cell to secrete salt and water. Eventually dehydration can lead to death (cholera) 


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