Explain the drawbacks of majoritarianism civics class 10 cbse

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Explain the drawbacks of majoritarianism. -civics-class 10-cbse

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The drawbacks of majoritarianism are :
1. It asserts that a majority of the population based on religion, language, social class or some other identifying factor, is entitled to a certain degree of primacy in society and has a right to make decisions that affect the society. This can sometimes encroach upon the fundamental rights of the citizens.
2. Majoritarianism is referred to as a majority rule. That means a majority class ruling a minority class. This could lead to conflicts, and dissatisfaction amongst the minorities.
3.. Most decisions take place not by majority rule, but by plurality, unless the voting system restricts candidates or options to two only.
4. Due to Arrow's paradox it is not possible to have plurality voting systems with more than two options which adhere to both 'fairness' criteria and rational decision making criteria.


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