I think I know enough of hate What does the poet mean by knowing enough of hate CBSE English

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‘I think I know enough of hate .....’ What does the poet mean by knowing enough of hate? CBSE English


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The speaker has also experienced hate, a cold emotion, and he knows it can destroy things – namely, the world.
-At this point, it becomes even clearer that "desire" is associated with "love," because its opposite is "hate."
-You'd be hard-pressed to find two emotions more immortal and powerful than Love and Hate. In the Hall of Fame of immortal adversaries, they're up there with Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Yankees and Red Sox…
-The speaker seems a lot more tentative about his relationship with hate. He was absolutely certain that he has tasted desire, but he only "thinks" he knows "enough" about hate. We're in murkier territory with this emotion.
-For example, we don't know in what sense he knows hate. Has he only witnessed hate at a distance, or has he been the victim of hate, or has he been a hater himself?
-His very hesitancy with the topic (what's he trying to hide?) should set off alarm bells of reader suspicion. Like most people, he has probably experienced several varieties of hate.


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