What are public cloud adoption phases for SMBs

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What are public cloud adoption phases for SMBs?

Cloud Computing


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  • Cloud services are demanded by computing and IT administrators, software vendors and end users.
  • At the top level, individual users and organizational users demand very different services.
  • The application providers at the SaaS level serve mainly individual users.
  • Most business organizations are serviced by IaaS and PaaS providers.
  • The infrastructure services(IaaS) provide the compute, storage and communication resources to both applications and organizational users.
  • The cloud environment is defined by the PaaS or platform providers.
  • Cloud services rely on new advances in machine virtualization, SOA, grid infrastructure management and power efficiency.
  • Consumers purchase such services in the form of IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.
  • Many cloud entrepreneurs are selling value added utility services to massive number of users.
  • The cloud industry leverages the growing demand by many enterprises and business users to outsource their computing and storage jobs to professional providers.
  • The provider service charges are often much lower than the cost for users to replace their obsolete servers frequently


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