List down input and out put devices and explain why it is classifiable in that way
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List down input and out put devices and explain why it is classifiable in that way.



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input devices:
Keyboard : Keyboard is used in the input phase of a computer-based information system. Keyboard is most common input device is used today
Mouse : It’s a pointing device. The mouse is rolled over the mouse pad, which in turn controls the movement of the cursor in the screen. We can click, double click or drag the mouse.
Scanner : Scanners are used to enter information directly in to the computers memory. This device works like a Xerox machine. The scanner converts any type of printed or written information including photographs into digital pulses, which can be manipulated by the computer.
Track Ball : Track ball is similar to the upside- down design of the mouse. The user moves the ball directly, while the device itself remains stationary. 
output devices:
monitor:The most common computer output device is the monitor or computer screen. Monitors create a visual display for you to view from processed data. They come in a variety of screen sizes and visual resolutions. 
printer:Printers produce a hard copy version of processed data such as documents and photographs.
audio outputs:Computers produce audio data that requires output devices such as speakers and headphones to deliver the sound to you. Audio data is created by the computer and then sent to the audio card, which is located in an expansion slot.


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