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Project selection
Authorities are normally faced with a number of potential investment projects which they need to assess and prioritise. The ultimate goal of the project selection process is to ensure that the investments that will be carried out offer value for money.
Investment assessment
In the project selection stage, the Authority and its advisers will look at alternative project options, sometimes following guidelines that the public sector will use to assess PPP projects.
Once the key features and specifications for a project are drawn up, the Authority and its advisers will undertake a series of preliminary studies, including supply or demand analysis, cost analysis and a preliminary environmental assessment of the potential impacts of the project.
Output specifications
A distinctive feature of PPP projects is that their requirements are defined in terms of outputs rather than inputs. Conventional project procurement has usually focused on inputs. PPPs therefore involve fundamental changes in the way projects are prepared and in the information that the Authority needs to provide to private sector sponsors.


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