What is xml programming and why it is important
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What is xml programming and why it is important

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XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, is a language similar to HTML used for creating arbitrarily-structured documents and web pages. The language is a filtered version of SGML, Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language, but more suited for web delivery with less overhead common with SGML. Unlike HTML, XML specifies no pre-defined tags. Instead, the semantics of an XML document are defined by the applications that process them.

Why it is important

The computing press has found a new savior for the ills that afflict computing and the web: XML. XML is new, it's exciting, and it's got to be good, because the specification for it looks indecipherable. XML's hype level has already drawn fire from some quarters, from those accusing it of 'balkanizing the web' or of increasing the load on an already strained Internet. Most important, many developers are wondering why exactly they need to learn yet another language. 
XML's set of tools allows developers to create web pages - and much more. XML allows developers to set standards defining the information that should appear in a document, and in what sequence. XML, in combination with other standards, makes it possible to define the content of a document separately from its formatting, making it easy to reuse that content in other applications or for other presentation environments. Most important, XML provides a basic syntax that can be used to share information between different kinds of computers, different applications, and different organizations without needing to pass through many layers of conversion.
Web developers are the initial target audience, but database developers, document managers, desktop publishers, programmers, scientists, and other academics are all getting involved. XML provides a simple format that is flexible enough to accommodate wildly diverse needs. Even developers performing tasks on different types of applications with different interfaces and different data structures can share XML formats and tools for parsing those formats into data structures that applications can use. XML offers its users many advantages, including:
4)A core of experienced professionals


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