viewquestions/11946/Rani Geetha and Naseema live near each other The distance from their houses to the road is 90 feet They decided to tile the path to the road They all bought tiles of different designs and length Rani bought the shortest tile Geetha bought the middle sized one and Naseema bought the longest one If they could tile the path without cutting any of the tiles what is the size of the tiles each has bought Suggest 3 different solutions Explain how you get this answer class 5 math

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(a) Arbaz plans to tile his kitchen floor with green square tiles. Each side of the tile is 10 cm. His kitchen is 220 cm in length and 180 cm wide. How many tiles will he need? - class 5 math

class 5 math  chapter 11


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Ans. (a) We know that,
Area of a rectangle = Length *  Breadth
Area of the floor of kitchen = (Length  * Breadth)
= (220 * 180) square cm.
Also, we know that
Area of a square = Side * Side
Area of one tile = (10* 10) square cm
Number of tiles required


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