Write symptoms of Scurvy disease Science Ncert class 6
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Write symptoms of Scurvy disease ?(Science-Ncert class 6)

chapter 2-COMPONENTS OF FOOD (Science-Ncert class 6)


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Scurvy is a disease that affects the blood vessels, skin, and the body’s healing process, resulting in anemia, hemorrhaging of the skin, and gum disease (gingivitis). 
There are various signs and symptoms of Scurvy. But the most common ones are –Tender gums,Loss of teeth,Sunken eyes, Poor healing capacity of wounds, Gradual weakening , Pain in the joints, Lethargy, fatigue and loss of appetite, Internal bleeding, Pale skin and liver spots, Nausea, Fever, diarrhea, Pin point bleeding from skin.
Apart from these general signs and symptoms, the more severe complications and symptoms that are associated with Scurvy are – Skin Problems Associated with Scurvy- Development of perifollicular hyperkeratotic papules or reddish/bluish bruise-like spots around the hair follicles is the first sign of Scurvy. The hairs that come out of the follicles are usually twisted like corkscrew and are brittle. When the areas of such bruise-like spots join together, they become ecchymoses or palpable purpura. Muscular and Skeletal Problem Associated with Scurvy – At extreme conditions of Scurvy, the patients will have severe pain and swollenness in the muscular and bone joints and the pain can be so severe that the patient might be unable to walk. Anemia – Since scurvy or vitamin C deficiency is associated with blood loss within the tissue, gastrointestinal bleeding, changed metabolism of iron and folate and also intravascular haemolysis is a persistent cause of anaemia, in almost 75% of the scurvy patients. Oral Problems in Scurvy– Soft, red and spongy gums are consistent problems in Scurvy. Gums are easily swollen and even a very slight friction may cause them to bleed. This condition leads to other complications associated with oral unhygienic conditions and dental diseases. Eye Problems in Scurvy– Severe eye problems and complications are consistent difficulties associated with Scurvy. Dryness of eyes, light intolerance, bleeding or haemorrhaging beneath the conjunctiva, irritation in eyes, stickiness, bleeding or haemorrhaging within the optic nerve sheath and transient visual blurring are common symptoms. Heart and Lung Problems in Scurvy– Low blood pressure, shortness of breath and chest pain also occur in many patients that can lead to shock and death.


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