Compare connectionless and connection oriented device

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Compare connectionless and connection-oriented device?

It is related to computer networks


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Prior Connection RequirementNecessaryNot required
ReliabilityEnsures reliable transfer of data.Not guaranteed.
CongestionUnlikelyOccur likely.
Transferring modeIt can be implemented using circuit switching and virtual circuit.It is implemented using packet switching.
Lost data retransmissionFeasiblePractically, not possible.
SuitabilitySuitable for long and steady communication.Suitable for bursty Transmission.
SignallingUsed for connection establishment.There is no concept of signalling.
Packet forwardingPackets sequentially travel to their destination node and follows the same route.Packets reach the destination randomly without following the same route.
DelayThere is a delay in transfer of information, but once the connection is established faster delivery can be achieved.Due to the absence of connection establishment phase, the transmission is faster.
Resource AllocationNeed to be allocated.No prior allocation of the resource is required.


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