What factors influences the course of operant conditioning

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What factors influences the course of operant conditioning?

What factors influences the course of operant conditioning?


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-A reinforcer is defined as any stimulus or event which increases the probability of the occurrence of a desired response 
-The type-positive or negative,frequency,quality and schedule are determinants of operant conditioning
   1.Type of reinforcement:
      -positive reinforcement involves stimuli that have pleasant consequences
       They strengthen and maintain the responses that have caused them to occur.
      -Negative reinforcer involve unpleasant and painful stimuli.Responses that lead organisms to get rid of painful stimuli or avoid and escape from them provide negative reinforcement.
   2.Frequency/number of reinforcement and other feature:
     -Frequency of trial on which an organism has been reinforced 
     -Amount of reinforcement 
     -Quality of reinfircement.
   3.Schedule of reinforcement:
     -This refers to the arrangement of the delivery of reinforcement during trails
     -when a desired response is reinforcement every time it occurs we call it continuous reinforcement
   4.Delayed reinforcement:
     -It is found that delay in the delivery of reinforcement leads to poorer level of performance.


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