Difference between Python Programming and Python Scripting

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Difference between Python Programming and Python Scripting.

Explain in detail.


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scripting refers to the automation of tasks that could be manually done one by one, by a program written in an interpreted (rather than compiled) programming language. Coding is a more general term, but I assume that you means what is not scripting in Python : it is writing Python modules, i.e block of codes that can be reused in Python scripts or in other Python modules.

For example, the following hello_world.pyis a script:

  1. #!/usr/bin/python
  2. print(“Hello world !”)

Under Unix environment, you can execute this script : the first line calls the python engine, then all other instructions are executed by the python engine.

The following example Hello_world.pycan be used in other scripts or other modules (even if I doubt of any use of this), but will not execute anything by itself:

  1. class Hello_world:
  2. def __init__(self):
  3. self.hello_world = "Hello_world !"
  4. def run(self):
  5. print(self.hello_world)


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