Role of voice in an interview

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Role of voice in an interview

how to deal with problem of stammering for an interview


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  • The effect of communication is divided into 3 parts:
  • Actual spoken words(7%)
  • Tone of delivery (38%)
  • Body language accompanying words (55%)
  • For a candidate to create a good impression during interview a positive tone is essential, as this shows confidence, in addition clarity of voice will also demonstrate good communication.Ways to implement this is:

  • 1.Try to take your time rather than rushing
    • 2.Speak a bit more slowly
    • 3.Say what you want to say
    • 4.Pause for a moment before you start to speak
    • 5.Remember to congratulate yourself for trying things out
    • 6.Take a deep breath before talking
    • 7.Don't force the words - it just makes them harder to say
    • 8.Get plenty of sleep
    • 9.Try not to bottle out!
    • 10.Talk about it rather than trying to hide i



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