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Our whole education is rotten. It certainly makes you clerks, stationmasters, postmen, police commissioners. It gives you a livelihood, but it does not give you life, and it does not give you love -OSHO

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We are here to answer this hypothesis. If you believe success is to do what you love and making it as your career then you are not in the wrong place.Why cant you help others also when you are walking towards your great goal?Then, Take a quick tour how this system is working

Believing quantity can make quality?. Open notes are the place for you. Open notes

Database of notes and study materials from many different branches of education are at your disposal to provide good quality study material, as supplied by learners and if we're fortunate, lecturers as well. This can reduce the cost of books by 86.5%

You want to throw your old books. Open library is the place for you. Open library

You have books and you like to exchange it with this world then this is the place for you. Here you can list the books you have and the needy can find iit out very easily

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