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Vishwalaya began in the 1984 when Guru Sri Visva Mitra Ram Ram and his wife Devakiamma settled next to the Gundanjineya temple in Ravugodlu village, about 35 kms from Bangalore. At the time, he was a wanderer in search of meanings who sat on the granite slopes of the hills or in one of the many caves. Ram Ram's connection with children began when the local women of the village needed somewhere to leave their children while they worked all day, and decided to entrust their children with Ram Ram during the day. From these humble beginnings, when Ram Ram had neither roof nor means, Vishwalaya grew into an ashram where more and more children came from further distances to seek shelter with Ram Ram. Buildings sprang up, people volunteered their time and money, and so, nearly thirty years after Ram Ram's original dream, Vishwalaya was registered as a Trust. When Ram Ram attained Samadhi in 1999, he left behind 27 resident children, with a legacy of more than 600 children having passed through his ashram. His followers have continued to support and run the ashram until today.

Moozhikulam sala

Moozhikkulam sala is an organization which cherishes a dream for the contemporary as well as the future generations. It is the unity of a group of persons who are concerned about the mother earth, human beings, nature and all the other animate and inanimate things. It is like a music which breaks all the narrow domestic walls. Thousands of years ago, there existed a Moozhikkulam sala in this village with a vision of preserving culture and tradition. It was one among the four foremost universities of ancient Kerala. The Vedic knowledge of Sama was mainly imparted here. The novel Moozhikkulam sala venture aims at encouraging and maintaining eco-cultural friendly way of living while leading a life in the ultra modern age. The vision of the unity is the recapturing of a village university, making use of the ancient platform that history provides.

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