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Q.64) The output of executing the following C program is ________. -gate computer science 2017101
Samples of bacterial culture taken at 5 PM and then the next day at 5 AM were found to have 10^4 and 10^7 cells∙mL^-1, respectively-gate biotech 2015201
Q.63) Recall that Belady’s anomaly is that the pages-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. Now consider the following statements: -gate computer science 2017101
Q.62) Let A and B be infinite alphabets and let # be a symbol outside both A and B. Let f be a total functional from A* to B* .We say f is computable if there exists a Turning machine M which given an input x in A*, always halts with f(x) on its tape. Let Lf denotes the language {x#f(x)|x∈A*}. Which of the following statements is true? -gate computer science 2017101
Cytoplasmic extract from the wild type strain of a bacterium has the ability to convert a colorless substrate (S) to a colored product (P) via three colorless intermediates X, Y and Z, in that order.-gate biotech 2015201
Which one of the following gives the simplified sum of products expression for the Boolean function 101
Q.61) Let u and v be two vectors in R2 whose Euclidean norms satisfy |u| = 2|v|. What is the value α such that w = u + αv bisects the angle between u and v ? -gate computer science 2017101
In a fed-batch culture, 200 g ∙ L^-1 glucose solution is added at a flow rate of 50 L∙h^-1 . The initial culture volume (at quasi steady state) and the initial cell concentration are 600 L and 20 g ∙ L^-1 ,respectively. The yield coefficient (Yx/s) is 0.5 g cell mass∙g substrate^-1. The cell concentration (g ∙ L ^-1) at quasi steady state at t=8 h is -gate biotech 2015101
Q.58) The number of integers between 1 and 500 (both inclusive) that are divisible by 3 or 5 or 7 is ______. -gate computer science 2017301
Q.57) Let A be an array of 31 numbers consisting of a sequence of 0’s followed by a sequence of 1’s. The problem is to find the smallest index i such that A[i] is 1 by probing the minimum number of locations in A. The worst case number of probes performed by an optimal algorithm is________. -gate computer science 2017101
A three dimensional region R of finite volume is described by201
Three distinct antigens X, Y and Z were used to raise antibodies-gate biotech 2015201
Q.56) A cache memory unit with capacity of N words and block size of B words is to be designed. If it is designed as direct mapped cache, the length of the TAG field is 10 bits. If the cache unit is now designed as a 16-way set-associative cache, the length of the TAG field is ______ bits. -gate computer science 2017001
The Nyquist plot of the transfer function201
Sediments derived exclusively from the Deccan basalt are deposited on a high-energy beach and are lithified under shallow burial conditions. The sedimentary rock formed would be a/an -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017101
Q.55) Consider the following C program. -gate computer science 2017001
Which one of the following options correctly describes the locations of the roots of the equation201
Q.54) A multithreaded program P executes with x number of threads and uses y number of locks for ensuring mutual exclusion while operating on shared memory locations. -gate computer science 2017101
A linear time invariant (LTI) system with the transfer function201
The maximum velocity of the Indian Plate is observed in -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017001
An in vitro translation system can synthesize peptides in all three reading frames of the RNA template.-gate biotech 2015201
Q.53) Consider the following grammar: -gate computer science 2017001
In seismic exploration the dynamite source is generally considered to be a wavelet of-gate Geology & Geophysics 2017201
Consider the following statements for continuous-time linear time invariant (LTI) systems201
Q.52) Consider the following languages over the alphabet ∑= {a,b,c}. Let L1 = {an bncm | m, n >= 0 } and L2 = {ambncn| m, n >= 0}. -gate computer science 2017401
A synchronous culture containing 1.8 × 10^5 monkey kidney cells was seeded into three identical flasks-gate biotech 2015201
The Königsberger ratio, Qn, related to magnetization of rocks is very low (Qn<<1) for -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017001
Q.51) A computer network uses polynomial over GF(2) for error checking with 8 bits as information bits and uses x3 + x + 1 as the generator polynomial to generate the check bits. In this network, the message 01011011 is transmitted as -gate computer science 2017101
Assuming random distribution of nucleotides-gates biotech 2015201
Analysis of data from a 3-component broadband seismological station yields seismic velocities, Vp = 7.0 km/s and Vs = 3.87 km/s for the lower crust. The resulting Poisson’s ratio of the lower crustal rocks (rounded to two decimal places) is -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017101
In a digital communication system, the overall pulse shape p(t) at the receiver before the sampler has the Fourier transform P(f). If the symbols are transmitted at the rate of 2000 symbols per second, for which of the following cases is inter symbol interference zero?201
One kg of an ideal gas (gas constant R=287 J/kg.K) undergoes an irreversible process from state-1 (1 bar, 300 K) to state -2 (2 bar, 300 K). The change in specific entropy (s1-s2) of the gas (in J/kg.K) in the process is 101
Q.50) Consider a 2-way set associative cache with 256 blocks and uses LRU replacement, Initially the cache is empty. Conflict misses are those misses which occur due the contention of multiple blocks for the same cache set. -gate computer science 2017101
The Bouguer anomaly obtained after applying all necessary corrections is due to -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017103
A heterozygous tall plant (Tt) was crossed with a homozygous dwarf plant (tt) -gate biotech 2015201
Consider the D-Latch shown in the figure, which is transparent when its clock input CK is high and has zero propagation delay. In the figure, the clock signal CLK1 has a 50% duty cycle and CLK2 is a one-fifth period delayed version of CLK1. The duty cycle at the output latch in percentage is ___________.001
A strip of 120 mm width and 8 mm thickness is rolled between two 300 mm-diameter rolls to get a strip of 120 mm width and 7.2 mm thickness. The speed of the strip at the exit is 30 m/min. There is no front or back tension. Assuming uniform roll pressure of 200 MPa in the roll bite and 100% mechanical efficiency, the minimum total power (in kW) required to drive the two roll is _______.001
Q.49) Consider the following two functions : -gate computer science 2017101
In frequency domain IP, which one of the following frequency ranges (in Hz) is used to measure apparent resistivity at DC and AC limits? -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017102
The rank of the matrix201
A calorically perfect gas (specific heat at constant pressure 1000 J/kg.K) enters and leaves a gas turbine with the same velocity. The temperatures of the gas at turbine entry and exit are 1100 K and 400 K, respectively. The power produced is 4.6 MW and heat escapes at the rate of 300 kJ/s through the turbine casing. The mass flow rate of the gas (in kg/s) through the turbine is101
The ki of the novel competitive inhibitor designed against an enzyme-gate biotech 2015 201
Which one of the following statements is NOT CORRECT? -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017101
The values of parameters for the Stop-and – Wait ARQ protocol are as given below. -gate computer science 2017101
Consider the 5 × 5 matrix202
In the Rankine cycle for a steam power plant the turbine entry and exit enthalpies are 2803 kJ/kg and 1800 kJ/kg, respectively. The enthalpies of water at pump entry and exit are 121 kJ/kg and 124 kJ/kg, respectively. The specific steam consumption (in kg/k W.h) of the cycle is _______101
A clean, thick and hydrocarbon bearing sandstone bed can be identified through a combination of -gate Geology & Geophysics 2017001
Q.46) In a database system, unique time stamps are assigned to each transaction using Lamport’s logical clock. Let TS(T1) and TS(T2) be the time stamps of transactions T1 and T2 respectively. Besides, T1 holds a lock on the resource R, and T2 has requested a conflicting lock on the same resource R. The following algorithm is used to prevent deadlocks in the database assuming that a killed transaction is restarted with the same timestamp. -gate computer science 2017001
Consider the following statement about the linear dependence of the real valued functions 201
A rod of length 20mm is stretched to make a rod of length 40 mm. Subsequently, it is compressed to make a rod of final length 10 mm. Consider the longitudinal tensile strain as positive and compressive strain as negative. The total true longitudinal strain in the rod is _______101
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