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I got stuck with my life,what can I do?001
What is the relation between equivalent mass of a base and its molecular mass ?000
It is customary to read lower meniscus in case of colourless and transparent solutions and upper meniscus in case of highly coloured solutions, why ?000
What is the principle of volumetric analysis ?001
Why is front door of the balance closed during weighing ?000
Why should weights not be lifted with hand ?000
what is the purpose of Buffer in any titration?000
What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?000
Explain the theory behind the potentiometric titration of acid base?000
Explain the theory behind the potentiometric titration of acid base?000
With which azoic components rate of exhaustion decrease?000
What are the methods of application of sulpher dyes?001
What is the application of hardness data in environmental engineering practice?000
Why is ammonia solution added while preparing EDTA solution?000
What is the difference between temporary and permanent hardness?000
What is the difference between temporary and permanent hardness?000
How are the bicarbonates are introduced into water Ca(or Mg) is in the insoluble form in the nature?000
How are the waters classified based on the degree of hardness?000
where will be the reinforcement of slab placed when there is an inverted beam and the bottom of the beam and slab are at same level ?000
Why in Pakistan Bricks are used so much?000
How can u check the diameter of steel after the construction?000
Why should curing not be done by ponding and polythene sheets?000
Why should pumping be not used in case of concreting works?000
In case if concrete box girder bridges how is the number of cells determined?000
In the design of bridge arguments what considerations should be made to select the orientation of the wing walls?000
What reinforcements are used in the process of prestressing?000
Why are steel plates inserted inside bearings in elastomeric bearings?000
What do you understand by “preset” during the installation process of bridge bearings?000
Difference between routine maintenance and major maintenance for school facilities: 000
What is the basic difference in absorption, adsorption, and sorption?000
What is the basic difference in absorption, adsorption, and sorption?000
What is the force exerted by the Tacoma narrows bridge? 000
Forces in a Shear Wall are in plane or out of plane ?000
Special thing in designing a overhead reservoir ? which is different from an ordinary design000
Sulphate Resisting Cement ?001
How many bricks are there in 100cft?000
What is a projection line?000
What is rigging?001
How do you calculate the power of a centrifugal pump?000
Which is stronger solid steel rod or hollow steel pipe?000
Types of graduate construction, civils and surveying interviews000
How can we apply electronics in our daily life?001
What are two types of containers in swing explain it with examples?000
Which is the best dia of binding wire to be used? and how would we define?101
Please give me expectable interview questions on build construction.[onlyquestions]101
If AIV for specimen A is 25 and that for specimen B is 45 Which one is better for surface of a pavement Justify it?201
What is the difference between face left and face right in theodolite surveying?101
How can we calculate the volume of limestone pile in cement industry101
How much labor is required for 1 cum of concrete for placing, mixing and vibrating.?100
What is the maximum ratio steel used in Shear Walls and Core Walls?110
Which of the following helps Assam type building to remain intact during an earthquake A RCC bands B Tie beam C Frame action D Footing?100
what is the difference between DEFLECTION AND DEFORMATION Explain?201
Wat are the lab test for bitumen??101
What should be maximum clay in sand silt test 101
What should be maximum clay in sand silt test-?011
What is the process of cost evaluation in a project?100
What is meant by HUME in RCC Hume pipes101
Structural Compressive Load A steel pipe 10 feet long is able to withstand 15 tonnes of tensile load Can you trust this pipe to withstand 15 tonne compressive load?001
Difference between ppc and opc?101
We had Constructed the RCC Building both Ground and First Floor of length 265 Feet without Expansion Joint What will happened?100
Least Count What is mean by least count Tell the least count of dumpy level and theodolite?100
what is the maximum visibility of staff reading by automatic level100
Weight of Sheep Foot Roller?000
What is the minimum length of the wall after which expansion joint is to be provided?100
Formula to Find Cube Compressive Strength101
How can we get the steel quantity by thumb rule ? Iknow that it is 1% for slab and 23%-for RCC column&beams.IfIhave10 Cum RCC work for column & beam then how can we get the steel quantity-in kgm or Qntl.?000
What is the VDF?101
What is workability in concrete?001
What is the responsability of a civil forman?101
How many litres of water is required in M 20 GRADE for making 1 cubic meter?001
What is PCC Why it is used below foundation What is water cement ratio for it What is a purpose of PCCYou got:2101
What is diversion tunnel in adam001
what is diversion tunnel in a dam?011
what is topography of earth?001
How many types of soil textures are there?001
Whats centering and levelling of surfaces?000
meaning of drainage system?101
Meaning of subsurface??101
Description about sampy soil?001
Description about land acquisiton?001
How can we control erosion100
Explain road safety equipments?000
Explain types of pollutions??011
explain types of pollutions?001
explain road construction?001
How erosion occurs?000
Can u help me with cut and fill010
Can u help me with cut and fill?010
Can you help me with cut and fill?010
Explain embankment?000
What is flyash001
explain auto levelling?101
what is 3d map?001
How to learn more about ourself??100
Explain How to use RMI with client side call backs000
What is self education??001
What is the full form of SET?001
What all are the steps involved in creating a company in tally?001
How to do a search in eduladder and why it is important ?001
How to draw a dc motor in caed?000
Describe the dynamic approach for column buckling with an example 000
Explain about ground water investigation?001
Design a mod 6 counter with the help of D flipflop?001
How to ask a question in eduladder?001
Who controlls the education system?001
What do you understand by the word ?001
What do you mean by marginal costing and explain001
What is turbo machines?001
Explain about voucher entry configuration in tally ERP9 ?001
What is the role of commodity market001
Explain different types of speculations?001
What is air pollution explain the causes for the same?001
What is periodic report explain?001
What you mean by porous concrete?001
Can some one share me the ppt of computer graphics000
Does any one has tall building notes?000
What all are the applications of RFIC?001
Write a note on pattern recoganization?001
What are dreams exactly. Reality or imagination?101
how exactly does AI work?001
how exactly does A.I work001
Explain indian vedic astrology?001
Write a note on event management?001
What is catering service and explain its types?000
What is i ching and what is its use??001
What is tarot cards and explain?001
Explain the differences between b2c e commerce and b2b e commmerce ?001
Create and test an html code which has six paragraphs?001
Write a java script code code and out put a table of the numbers from 5 to 15 and their squares and cubes using alert001
Write a java script code code and out put a table of the numbers from 5 to 15 and their squares and cubes using alert001
Explain Tiny sector?001
What all are the precautions taken by a paying banker?001
list important technologies which has lead to the improvements in the computer system000
With neat sketch explain briefly different forms of igneous bodies?001
With a neat sketch explain how diodes and transistor works?001
What is social tention ?001
Write a program an XHTML document describe an order list of your favourite movies with answer000
Create an HTML file named AddCookieshtml contains four text boxes?000
Explain sequence detection with an example?001
Explain rating plan methods under retail plan?000
Write a note on use of television in preschools?001
What is pin hole camera ?001
How to build customised email?001
Write a note on Development of 18th century English novel ?001
Explain revenue cycle accounting information systems ?001
Explain the featuers of nehruvian model?001
Explain nehruvian model of devolepment?000
Define SSI and explain three charectrestics of SSI?001
What all are the resons for external reconstruction of a company?000
Principles of design of mat foundation, box culvert and road bridges 000