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What is air pollution explain the causes for the same000
What is periodic report explain000
What you mean by porous concrete000
Can some one share me the ppt of computer graphics000
Does any one has tall building notes?000
What all are the applications of RFIC000
Write a note on pattern recoganization000
What are dreams exactly. Reality or imagination?101
how exactly does A.I work?000
how exactly does A.I work?001
Explain indian vedic astrology001
Write a note on event management001
What is catering service and explain its types000
What is i ching and what is its use001
What is tarot cards and explain001
Explain the differences between b2c e -commerce and b2b e- commmerce 001
Create and test an html code which has six paragraphs001
Write a java script code code and out put a table of the numbers from 5 to 15 and their squares and cubes using alert001
Write a java script code code and out put a table of the numbers from 5 to 15 and their squares and cubes using alert001
Explain Tiny sector001
What all are the precautions taken by a paying banker001
list important technologies which has lead to the improvements in the computer system000
With neat sketch explain briefly different forms of igneous bodies001
With a neat sketch explain how diodes and transistor works001
What is social tention 001
Write a program an XHTML document describe an order list of your favourite movies with answer000
Create an HTML file named AddCookies.html contains four text boxes000
Explain sequence detection with an example000
Explain rating plan methods under retail plan000
Write a note on use of television in preschools000
What is pin hole camera 001
How to build customised email001
Write a note on Development of 18th century English novel 001
Explain revenue cycle accounting information systems 001
Explain the featuers of nehruvian model000
Explain nehruvian model of devolepment000
Define SSI and explain three charectrestics of SSI000
What all are the resons for external reconstruction of a company000
Principles of design of mat foundation, box culvert and road bridges 000
Explain radiation method of plane table surveying000
Explain about Consumptive Use of water and its methods001
What do you understand by the term Irrigation? Explain the necessity of irrigation in a tropical country like India. Discuss the advantages and ill effects of Irrigation000
Describe the dispersion characteristics of the atmosphere under the following lapse rate conditions -2iC/100m, 0iC/100m, 1iC/100m, 20iC/100m and 30iC/100m 000
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 12. Consider the following two statements: 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 11. Consider the following program: 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 10. Which of the following property/ies a Group G must hold, in order to be an Abelian group? 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 9. Consider the compound propositions given below as: 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 8.Match the following terms:001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 7Let P(m,n) be the statement “m divides n” where the Universe of discourse for both the variables is the set of positive integers. Determine the truth values of the following propositions. 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 6.Which of the following arguments are not valid? 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 5. A tree with n vertices is called graceful, if its vertices can be labelled with integers 1, 2, ...,n such that the absolute value of the difference of the labels of adjacent vertices are all different. Which of the001
Consider the graph given below: The two distinct sets of vertices, which make the graph bipartite are 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 3. Which of the following is/are not true? 001
UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 December 2015 2. Which of the following statement(s) is/are false? 001
How many committees of five people can be chosen from 20 men and 12 women such that each committee contains at least three women?-UGC NET Computer Science Paper-2 December 2015001
what is meant by H-1B Visa?010
What is wearable biosensors001
Explain photo chemical smog theory002
State applicability of the intersection methode of plane table survey and explain000
What all are the properties of fluid000
Explain what is consumptative to use of water. Also explain terms related to it000
.net assembly views explain with examples000
What makes a programming language successfull 000
Explain multi level indexing with an example000
Explain the five distinct stages in the path of simple virtualization to cloud computing000
3 benefit of cloud deployment using cloud strategy000
five diffrent stages of cloud deployment000
How to avoide address translation during indexing of the cache to reduce hit time 000
Define the term latency001
What you mean by applied thermodynamics001
Pattern matching in perl000
How to calculate median of an array use any programming language you would like to use000
any 5 module functions000
How to calculate net irrigation requerment000
Write a note on overview of php000
Differentiate between thread and processes002
What are the parameter of PCB? why should each process have a distinct pcb? 000
What are the parameters of PCB 000
What is TCB and explian its structure with the help of a diagram000
Write a note on OMT diagram for forwarder receiver pattern000
What is the true true nature of guru000
Which one is the largest university in india001
How many collages are working under vtu001
What is the difference between adhoc network and wireless network000
Define the term network security000
Define the term network security000
What all are the diffrences between Adhoc network and wireless network000
Write a note on effect of temperature on soil001
Who is a full stack developer 001
Write a note on stabilization of pavements 000
What is prefix and suffix codes000
Define the term temprature001
List down ten advanced optimizations for cache performance000
What is Successive approximation adc, Write a note about this000
Expand ca and cs001
Explain the ways to improve soil fertility000
Define the term quality001
List down input and out put devices and explain why it is classifiable in that way000
How to improve joint flexibility000
What is the passing marks for vtu engineering subjects?001
Draw an image which shows the projections in a plane CAD001
Write a note on importance of project identification 000
Write a note on water bearing property of sedimentary rock 001
How does mode of transport affect water bearing property of sedimentary rock000
What all are the importance of physical geology, petrology and structural geology 000
Write a note on ground water development and its potential in india000
write a note on attitude meaning and types,features,importances. 000
Write a note on romeo and Juliet written by shakespear001
Write a note on directive principles of state policy001
Define consistence001
Explain the role of a buffer register001
What do you mean by main stations according to the terms of surveying001
Define duty001
What do you mean by a real time operating system and explain001
Implement a half adder using pla001
What is the differences between EPROM and PROM and explain both001
What all are the break conditions for deadlock001
Explain breach of contract001
List and explain four important technologies, which has lead to improvements in computer system 000
What you mean by a digital system001
Write a note on water bearing properties of rock001
Define the term state point001
What is the diffrence between accuracy and precision?001
What is xml programming and why it is important001
Who wrote Vadildhari Manse001
Who is shantha shelkha001
Merits and demerits of raise and fall method and height of the instrument method 001
What is vector and explain?001
Explain the concept of IP with a diagram001
State the Formula for optimum number for rain gauges001
What all are the qualities of a good teacher001
Different types of swing panes in java 001
Jk flipflop to t flipflop conversion 001
What all are the diffrences between whether and climate001
Assumptions to be made for designing a vehicle000
Write a lex program to count the negetive numbers001
Write a note about fault tollarance001
What a Common Person from India Can expect from 5G?020
What can be the Health Hazards if Air with SMOG is inhaled?101
Can a student from technical stream become Charted Accountant??001
Can a student from technical stream become Charted Accountant??001
In a Broad way what are the major differences between GST & VAT?101
What all are the applications of unit hydrograph001
Explain with neat sketches the different types of compasses001
A 30m steel tape was standardized on the flat and was found to be exactly 3mm under no pull at 66°F. It was used in catenar to measure a base of 5 bays the temperature during the measurement was 92°F and the pull exerted during the measurement was 000
Explain methods of chaining with a neat sketch000
Methods of counter.001
What is reflection cover sheet and explain001