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Explain the term frustration. 200
Explain information-processing approach to understand intelligence. 200
Ability to organise and monitor our own behaviour is known as _____. 200
Non-verbal acts in any talk are referred to as _____200
Act of aggression meant to obtain a certain goal or object is known as _____ aggression. 200
Binding or mutual attraction among group members is referred to as _____. 100
Assigning causes to the behaviour shown in specific social situations is known as _____. 100
Repeated association of undesired response with an aversive consequence is called _____ conditioning100
Mood disorders in which both mania and depression are alternatively present is known as _____100
Answer in brief (1mark question) Psychology cbsc question100
Answer in brief (1mark question) Psychology cbsc question100
The _____ approach considers intelligence as an aggregate of abilities. 200
Definition of Psychology201
What is the role of indian entreprneurs abroad? 100
Who found the Indian National Army and where001
Why reputations are important in Eduladder101
What are the similarities between information technology industry in Bangalore and California? 000
Why is Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere 001
What is the big bang theory?000
We are required to form different words with the help of letters of the word INTEGER. Let m1 be the number of words in which I and N are never together and mz be the number of words which begin with I and end with R, then m1 / mz is given by?000
The number of ways in which an arrangement of 4 letters of the word PROPORTION can be made is100
The number of different words that can be formed out of the letters of the word MORADABAD taken four at a time is?000
4 letter words are to be formed out of the letters of the word PASSPORT. Their number is?000
The number of different arrangements that can be made by using all the letters in the word . MATHEMATICS is ..... .?100
The number of different words that can be formed with the letters of the word ORDINATE so that?000
The number of different words that can be formed from the letters of the word INTERMEDIATE such that two vowels never come together, is ..... .?000
The number of words which can be formed out of the letters of the word ARTICLE so that vowels occupy the even places is ... .. .?100
The number of words that can be formed by taking 4 1. letters at a time out of the letters of the word MATHEMATICS is?000
The number of seven digit integers, with sum of the digits equal to 10 and formed by using the . digits 1, 2 and 3 only, is?000
The number of permutations in which the letters A, E, 0 occur only in odd positions is?000
The total number of arrangements of the letters in the expression x^3y^2 z^ 4, when written at full length, is?100
The number of ways in which any four letters can be selected out of the letters of the word GORCOO is?000
The total number of arrangements which can be made out of the letters of the word ALGEBRA without altering the relative position of vowels and consonants is?000
The number of ways in which we can select 5 letters of the word INTERNATIONAL is equal to?000
The number of words which can be formed out of the letters a, b, c, d, e, f taken 3 together, each word containing one vowel at least is?000
The number of different words that can be formed from the letters of the word TRIANGLEso that no vowels are together is?000
The number of different words ending and beginning with a consonant which can be made out of the letters of the word EQUATION is?000
Saving file in R000
Please provide with solutions of Chiang, Mathematics for economics - Ch18 solutions?100
How to perform the percentage of columns in RStudio?000
Solutions of Simon and blume000
What are Rmd files in Rsoftware and how do we find their URL?100
How is flow operator used in R software?000
What are Rpubs accounts in Rstudio software?000
Whether we should opt for offline or online entrance of Jee mains this year?000
How do our food intake affect our mindset?101
Are TISS MA entrance in development economics out for 2017?000
What is the process of galvanization000
Whats the difference between correlation and regression000
Quantitative aptitude best training 000
Previous year papers of South Asian university001
How can I become data scientist from history background?001
How can I crack Indian Statistical Institute Masters in Statistics?000
NET or IES after post graduation001
IsJNU conducting its entrances this year in month of December? 2017-18001
Can you give tentative dates for forms of Jawaharlal Nehru University for International Trade for the year 2017-18001
What is a photovoltaic diode?101
Discuss the major reasons for poverty in India Discuss011
Name any one political party of india which grew out the movement civi class-10 cbse000
How to start preparation for GATE?201
Role of yoga or meditation in human life 201
How to avoid china influence in india in the field of business500
Role of a book in student life ?300
Differentiate between static IP addressing and dynamic IP addressing in Computer Network?201
What is Differenence between a ‘bit rate’ and ‘baud rate’.101
What is a MAC address in Computer Network?201
What are the perequisites to configure a server in Computer Network?101
What is a ‘frame relay’ and in which layer does it operate in Computer Network?100
What are the two types of transmission technology available in Computer Network?100
What is difference between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste 101
Describe the “One –to- many relationships” in Ms Access?100
How can you replace multiple wrong words with correct ones at a time in MS Word?101
What does updating the anti-virus programs’ mean?201
What does ‘System Software’ Includes?101
What are Message Authentication Codes (MACs) ?200
What is the RSA Secret Key Challenge ?100
What are the Problems with watermarking?100
How to encrypt swap?100
What is a digital certificate? in CSS200
Explain DOS and DDOS attack.001
what are Malicious software and its types?001
Explain SQL injection in detail.401
Explain Code optimization Technique in Compiler design.100
What is Phishing attack and its types?201
Explain about penetration testing and its types.100
Explain about brute force attack.101
Explain kerberos and its working.200
Write short note on Session hijacking.200
Write short note on IP hijacking.201
Explain Firewall and its types.201
Difference between Sniffing and Snooping.100
Explain Network Security Model.200
Explain Cryptology in detail.100
What are Software Threats?100
How to edit questions or answers in Eduladder?301
What is the ring of fire?002
Where does the Brahmaputra river starts and ends?001
Is it healthy to eat sweets every day?001
Which are the states of self-esteem?001
Which are the states of self-esteem?000
What is self-esteem?001
Explain interrupt structure of 8086.200
What is mixed language programming?201
Explain control word register of 8255.202
What are the datatypes supported by SPARC processor?301
Short note on maximum mode of 8086100
Write short note on HTTP.101
Explain leaky bucket algorithm.202
Explain token bucket algorithm and compare with leaky bucket algorithm.201
Write short note on Ethernet201
Write about Internetworking devices.201
Write about TCP connection management.201
Write about CSMA/CD(Collision Detection).301
Explain Berkeley Socket Algorithm.201
What is Address Resolution Protocol?301
Explain functions of session layer in the OSI model301
Explain Border Gateway Protocol.101
Explain Business Process Re-engineering and explain its activities.101
Draw a class diagram for a Payroll system.100
The library of the institution has problem tracking books.Write a system proposal for this problem.100
Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the sentence-She enjoyed herself immensely at the party.101
Libraries in python useful for data science?101
Problems we face in Data Science.101
Problems faced in Data Science.101
Difference between Data Science and SQL?100
Where Data Science is used?202
What is Data Science?101
Whats the Alpha Testing in SEPM ?101
What is Application Programming Interface (API)?102
Explain Polymorphism in C++.201
Explain TESTING in SEPM.200
Explain Topologies and its Types.201
What is Client and Server in Network?201
Explain HUB,ROUTER.201
Explain JOIN in SQl.101
What is this pointer in C++.101
Explain inheritance and its types.201
Explain Virtual Constructor in C++.200
What is Stack and where it can be used?101
What is Linked list and its types.202
Explain Operating System in details.201
Explain Types of Virtualization.101
Explain Virtual LAN(VLAN).501
Where PYTHON is mostly used?201
Explain Virtualization.201
Discuss the quality of service parameters of computer networks001
What are the different Storage.101
What is Classless Inter Domain Routing?001
Write in short about TCP/IP model.201
Explain the concept of stress.300
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