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How are fats digested in our bodies? Where does this process take place? -CBSE Biology001
How does it sounds like working in eduladder000
What is the reserch method of eduladder?000
How the reserch method of eduladder works?000
Does eduladder has a reserch method?001
Money has made transactions easy. Justify. -CBSE Economics001
How did a wave of economic nationalism strengthen the wider nationalist sentiment growing in Europe? Explain. -CBSE Economics001
How does money act as a medium of exchange? -CBSE Economics002
How do the large companies manipulate the market? Explain with examples. -CBSE Economics001
How are multinational corporations(MNCs) controlling and spreading their productions across the world? Explain. -CBSE Economics001
Why is it necessary for the banks and cooperative societies to increase their lending facilities in rural areas? Explain. -CBSE Economics001
In recent years how our markets have been transformed? Explain with examples. -CBSE Economics001
"Rules and regulations are required for the protection of the consumers in the market place". Justify the statement with arguments.001
Why is the supervision of the functioning of formal sources of loans necessary? -CBSE Economics001
If any damage is done to a consumer by a trader, under which consumer right one can move to consumer court to get compensation. -CBSE Economics001
Why do MNCs set up their offices and factories in those regions where they get cheap labour and other resources? -CBSE Economics001
Marginal cost refers to: -CBSE Economics Class 10001
Rent is paid for the use of: -CBSE Economics Class 10001
The jute-textile industry is mainly concentrated in the Hugli Basic. Mention four factors for the same. Or Why is most of jute mills of India located in West Bengal? -CBSE Geography001
Explain three physical factors for the localization of an industry in a particular area. -CBSE Geography001
What were the major objectives of the National Jute Policy, 2005? Why the internal demand for jute has been on the increase? -CBSE Geography001
‘Industrialization and Urbanization go hand in hand.’ Explain. -CBSE Geography001
Why has government set up the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council? -CBSE Geography001
Differentiate between natural gas and bio gas. -CBSE Geography001
In a power deficient country like India, natural gas is a precious gift. Discuss. -CBSE Geography001
Explain the classification of minerals. -CBSE Geography001
What are non-conventional sources or energy? Why there is a pressing need to use these resources of energy? -CBSE Geography001
What is the importance of minerals? -CBSE Geography001
How is bauxite ore formed? -CBSE Geography001
What is template and component in angular 2 ?001
How is nuclear energy obtained? -CBSE Geography001
Why was Bhoodan-Gramdan movement called as ‘Bloodless Revolution’? -CBSE Geography001
Name the cropping season of India with example. -CBSE Geography001
What is a national park? -CBSE Geography001
Why is there a need for resource planning? -CBSE Geography001
What is magnification? -CBSE physics001
Correct the run-on sentence. CBSE English001
It was enough to feel like she had finally accepted us but we still had to do our best to earn her trust. CBSE English001
She is mother, and a great teacher too. (Which word is a predicate noun?) -CBSE english001
Adams and Johns ideas were greatly different. (Which word is a compounded possessive noun?) -CBSE english001
In preparation for her run, Alicia_________ , applied sunscreen, and increased the volume on her iPod. Fill the appropriate answer. CBSE English001
I checked all primary classrooms, no one was there. (Which word is a compound noun?) -CBSE english001
Alices father is a surgeon, he mostly does not have time to spend with his family. (Which word is a singular possessive noun?) -CBSE english001
Carlos not only missed his one-year anniversary with Adrianna_____________. Fill the appropriate answer. CBSE English . 001
Michael was a great singer. (Which word is predicate noun?) -CBSE english001
Solar energy can be an alternative source of power. (Which word is a predicative noun?) -CBSE english001
Which part of the sentence is a participial phrase? CBSE English001
They like swimming. Whenever they have a leisure time. (Which word is a verbal noun?) -CBSE english001
Australian government will bring tougher anti-terror laws. (Which word is a nominative noun?)- CBSE english001
Proofread the following paragraph and make any necessary corrections: CBSE English001
Teacher asked students to use color pencils during art period. (Which word is a compound noun?)- CBSE english001
Read the lines below and answer the question CBSE English001
Do you ever need to give request? (Which word is a count noun?) -CBSE english001
Name the parts of speech. CBSE English001
What are synonyms? CBSE English002
What are antonyms? CBSE English002
We are a book in which, Death ____________ just a chapter. - CBSE english001
Successful people always ____________ two things. One, determination and second, sincerity.- CBSE english001
One must laugh and cheer because life ____________ short. -CBSE english001
Describe the French quarters of Pondicherry. CBSE English000
Being in a relationship is a full time job, so do not apply if you ____________ not ready. -CBSE english001
Why did the Ancient Mariner stop and tell his tale to the Wedding Guest? CBSE English001
I waited for her on bus stop, but she _______ late. - CBSE english001
Adam, who is my brother, ____________ a slow learner. -CBSE english001
The crowd in Julius Caesar does not understand the speech of Brutus. Comment CBSE English001
Why did Patol Babu walk away before he could be paid for his role? CBSE English001
Keep out yourself from bad company, if you ____________ to study well. -CBSE english001
They ____________ some saving to fall back on. -CBSE english001
What makes the author refrain from killing the snake? CBSE English001
Our prime minister ____________ deliver his speech on TV and radio. - CBSE english001
Why did John excitedly allow his wife to go back to her grandmother? CBSE English000
When my teacher explains sums in class, I ____________ practice at home. -CBSE english001
I would have bought a new car for her but it ____________ too expensive. - CBSE english001
You _____ maintain a healthy weight, if you keep exercising.- CBSE english001
Complete shutdown _____ _____ observed today against new law. - CBSE english001
After him in my life, I _____ see things differently now. - CBSE english001
A journalist who ___ ___ detained in a city for more than a year. - cbse english.001
Write a brief note on COPRA. -CBSE Economics001
Who are consumers? What are the duties of the consumers? -CBSE Economics001
Explain the importance of consumer awareness in protecting the interest of consumers. -CBSE Economics001
Describe briefly any six forms of consumer exploitation. -CBSE Economics001
Explain any four steps taken by the government to control price rise. -CBSE Economics001
Complete the following news reports accompanying the following headlines by filling in the blanks CBSE English001
Why was ‘Consumer Protection Act 1986’ enacted? -CBSE Economics001
What is consumer exploitation? -CBSE Economics001
What is the importance of trade? -CBSE Economics001
What are the negative points of globalization? -CBSE Economics001
What are the negative impacts of the World Trade Organization WTO? -CBSE Economics001
How do the MNCs help in the growth of local companies? -CBSE Economics001
What are the characteristics of MNCs. -CBSE Economics001
Read the following conversation between a mother and daughter while watching a cricket match. Complete the passage given below CBSE English001
What are the various ways in which countries can be linked? -CBSE Economics.001
Why should credit at reasonable rates be available for all? -CBSE Economics001
‘Most of the poor households are still dependent on informal sources of credit’. Explain. -CBSE Economics001
Distinguish between formal and informal credit sources. -CBSE Economics001
Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done for you. CBSE English001
What is collateral? -CBSE Economics001
Choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following passage.CBSE English001
Choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the following passage.CBSE English000
While reading the newspaper, you came across the following news item. Such incidents deter tourists from visiting the country. Based on the information given above, and using the ideas from the Unit Travel and Tourism and your own, write an article f000
You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. Write a letter to the editor of a leading newspaper about the nuisance created by the stray animals. Sign your name as Kriti/ Krishnan. (120 words) CBSE English001
What are the advantages of depositing money in the banks? -CBSE Economics001
Why are demand deposits considered as money? -CBSE Economics001
What is meant by enterprise? Classify enterprises on the basis of ownership. -CBSE Economics001
Distinguish between Anthracite and bituminous coal. -CBSE Geography001
What is tidal energy? Name the region of India which provides ideal conditions for utilizing tidal energy. -CBSE Geography001
Prove that the length of the tangents drawn from an external point to a circle is equal. CBSE Mathematics001
Compare the Gondwana coal fields with the Tertiary coal fields. -CBSE Geography001
Give the relationship between mean , median and mode. CBSE Mathematics001
The length of minute hand of a clock is 14 cm .Find the area swept by the minute hand in 5 minutes. CBSE Mathematics001
‘Minerals in India are unevenly distributed’. Explain. -CBSE Geography001
How do minerals occur in igneous and metamorphic rocks? -CBSE Geography001
Evaluate sec 70 o sin 20 o – cos 20 o cosec 70 o . CBSE Mathematics001
What is biogas? -CBSE Geography001
Cards each marked with numbers 4,5,6,...,.20 are placed in a box and mixed thoroughly . One card is drawn at random . Find the probability of getting an even prime number. CBSE Mathematics001
What is H.B.J.? -CBSE Geography001
Find the sum of first 30 natural numbers. CBSE Mathematics001
What other interests besides science did Richard Ebright pursue? CBSE English001
What factors are responsible for increasing number of suicides among the Indian farmers? -CBSE Geography001
How did the partition of country in 1947 affect the jute industry? -CBSE Geography001
Find out whether the following pair of Linear equations are consistent or inconsistent: 3x+2y = 5 , 2x - 3y = 7. CBSE Mathematics001
Explain any four factors which have hindered the pace of agricultural development in India. -CBSE Geography001
Find the zeros of the polynomial 4x^2 -9 CBSE Mathematics001
Mention any four steps which have been taken by the Indian government to modernize the Indian agriculture. -CBSE Geography001
Using Euclid’s Division Lemma .Find H.C.F. of 56,96404. CBSE Mathematics001
“Today Indian farmers are facing a big challenge from international competition.” What are the various factors responsible for this situation? -CBSE Geography001
How was the hack driver recognized? CBSE English000
Why is agriculture is called the mainstay of Indian economy? -CBSE Geography001
What did Ausable tell Max when he heard the knock? Why did he tell him so ? CBSE English001
Distinguish between rotation of crops and Multiple cropping. -CBSE Geography001
How did lunch become ‘a ceremonial occasion for Mr. Herriot and his partners’ ? CBSE English000
How did Griffin’s invisibility come to his help whenever he found himself in trouble? Give examples from the text in support of your answer. CBSE English000
What is comprehensive land development programme? -CBSE Geography001
What kind of person is Matilda Loisel? Support your answer giving examples from the story, ‘The Necklace’. CBSE English001
What is white revolution? -CBSE Geography001
‘They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God’ Who are ‘they’ ? What makes him sick? CBSE English000
Mention any three characteristics of the shifting agriculture. -CBSE Geography001
An ultimate shaking grief fixes the boy’ Who is the boy? What is his state of mind? Why is he in such a state of mind? CBSE English000
Mention any four features of primitive subsistence farming? -CBSE Geography002
What is slash and burn agriculture? Mention its local names by mentioning the state or region. -CBSE Geography001
Annual income from salary of Mrs. Usha, who is a s enior citizen, is Rs. 3,85,000. She donates Rs. 10,000 to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (100% ex emption) and Rs. 10,000 to a Charitable Society (50% exemption). She contributes Rs. 70,000 towar000
‘But Custard cried for a nice safe cage.’ Who is Custard? Why did he cry for a ‘nice safe cage’ ? CBSE English001
What is package technology? What was its result? -CBSE Geography001
(a) ‘But Custard cried for a nice safe cage.’ Who is Custard? Why did he cry for a ‘nice safe cage’ ? CBSE English000
The angles of depression of the top and the bottom of a building 50 metres high as observed from the top of a tower are 30 0 and 60 0 respectively. Find the height of the tower and also the horizontal distance between the building and the tower.001
Mawsynram is the region of highest rainfall, yet it faces acute shortage of water. Why? -CBSE Geography001
Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow CBSE English000
Discuss how rainwater harvesting in semi-arid and arid regions of Rajasthan is carried out. -CBSE Geography001
Define the term rainwater harvesting. State any five objectives of rainwater harvesting. -CBSE Geography001